As a parent teaching your son from what’s right and wrong can be a tough task to handle. But there will be a time when your son will have to learn about sex, and the risk, effects, and the responsibilities he must take before having such intercourse. Of course you as the parent will be able to provide the necessary advice to give him. Remember that as a teen your son still has a lot to learn, and that his brain is still developing and coming to understand the sensational feelings he gets when he sees a young lady. I will provide you with some advice that you can give your son about girls and sex.
The first thing that your son must learn about girls, is of course respect. You must teach your son that girls just only sexual tools or objects, but that they are human being just like himself. You must tell your son to first get to know the young girl in which he is attractive to, and you must help him to understand that not every girl is going to say yes, that he will have to accept no as an answer. If your son does finally meet a girl, and he feels it is right to move on to the next stage, he must come to understand that just because he is ready, his girlfriend is probably not ready. Remember that consensual sex must be there between him and her.
When they both have decided that sex is ready, the parent must have had to teach her/his son about protection. Protection in sex is very important as it helps prevent infections and teen pregnancy. The must teach their child about the consequences in which unprotected sex can lead to. Of course as human’s sex is pleasant but it also has are consequences, teaching their son about multiple partners and what it can lead to is very important. Safe sex is crucial if the parent believes that their son has multiple partners. It’s always good to be sure than sorry and I believe that a parent should ask whether their child is having sex or not.