Why Buy Organic in Your Baby’s Nursery?

Greening your baby’s nursery isn’t just about the environment, it’s for your baby’s health. Rather than spending money on lots of expensive toys, a closet full of clothes that will only fit for a few months, and lots of disposable diapers, buying organic and green in your nursery is a much better choice for them.

Think About What Your Baby Will be in Contact with the Most.

Buying organic isn’t always an option. And, when it is an option, can you always afford the more expensive option? Organic cotton is almost always more expensive, so this means that many of us will have to pick and choose which ones to buy organic. This involves a little thinking on your part, but we can help with that part.

Which products will your baby be in the most contact with? Will they be in their special Easter dress for an hour, while they’ll be in that sleeper two nights a week for hours on end? Think about which products they’ll be using the most, and then decide to buy organic for those products. Organic shirts, sleepwear, blankets, and bedding are products that your baby will be exposed to on a daily basis.

Why Buy Organic Clothing?

Cotton is one of the most heavily treated crops in the world. Thousands of different chemicals from countries around the world are used on our cotton. It’s then made into clothing, transported around the world, put on the clothes rack, and then you wear it. Those chemicals end up in our bodies, even if in trace amounts (trace amounts still have big implications over time). Pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides might not have the profound effect on our adult bodies (that we can visually notice), but they do on babies. Babies have less blood and body for the chemicals to circulate around, giving a higher concentration of chemicals to your baby.

What Else Can You Go Green With in Your Baby’s Nursery?

Bedding and clothing come to mind first, but what about the actual nursery? If you plan on painting your walls, this is a major decision for your their health. While a new paint application might seem like a nice thing to do, it’s important that you buy something that is low voc, or better yet, zero voc. VOCs are volatile organic compounds, compounds found in many paints that have side effects from nausea to dizziness, and other unknown implications. You can’t help but think of the strong smell from a fresh can of paint! There are a bunch of zero voc paints available on the market today. No matter what you paint with, try to keep pregnant moms away from the paint if possible, and paint before the baby arrives well in advance. Keep the windows open as much as possible to ventilate some of the VOC from the room.

Organic Toys

Organic isn’t something that’s always available with baby toys, but there are choices out there. When they are in the phase of putting things in their mouths, which will probably be their first few years, it might be a wise choice to buy organic and non toxic.