We are all so quick to lecture others on thinking “green.” How about giving the gift of green to that favorite someone? There are oodles of great green gift ideas out there.

Do you know someone who is having a baby? This is probably going to shock you, but diaper services are often cheaper than buying disposable diapers. Not only that, but they also don’t pollute the water supply, and are far less wasteful than disposables. So why not purchase a month or two for your pregnant friend as a gentle reminder?

When your kid says he has to have the car instead of riding his bike, because he has no safe place to lock it up, buy him a folding bike. He rides it to his destination, then folds it up and wheels it along to a safe place inside. This is also great for train commuters who need transportation to the train and from it. It will save on costs and fossil fuels!

Cosmetics always make a great gift. But there is a double whammy for both animal rightists and environmentalists when it comes to this industry. Why not choose cosmetics that have not been tasted on lab animals and which do not contain chemicals. Safe cosmetics that are all natural will be a welcome gift indeed!

Are you aware that imported grapes have a reputation for containing the highest levels of pesticide residue of all fruits and vegetables? When you buy that housing warming gift of wine, make it all natural and organic. For that matter, it won’t hurt you to buy only organic grapes as well.