Greatest Success Story of All Time


Who says we can’t make our own luck. This is absolutely unbelievable story of a person who was one of unluckiest child but he made his luck himself and achieved the highest success. He used to sell ice-cream in the streets of Austria in his childhood. His family was very poor so he never got any financial support from them. He had a desire to be American citizen. But all the circumstances were against him. Still he did it. He proved that determined people can do miracles.

He spent his most of the childhood in poverty. His father being very poor he started selling ice-creams at very young age to earn his bread & butter. He was living with a dream of being American citizen. He used to love America very much. But he had no money to go there. After few years of ice-cream selling somehow he joined army and gym. He liked spending time in gym even more he started missing his army training camps for gym. Then after some years of body building he took part in body building competitions. Soon he developed so great body that he became Mr. Austria. He taught the world that we need to be mentally strong if we want to develop great body. But he wanted to be American citizen and wanted to act in Hollywood films. So he spent even more time in gym and took part in Mr. Universe competition. He won that title record 7 times. No one in the whole world could develop such a body at that time. At last he himself took a step back from that competition and then went to Hollywood. He got work in the movie called “Pumping Iron”. But his first worldwide hit was “The Terminator”.

Yes of course I am talking about great “Arnold Schwarzenegger”. He gave the world so many hit movies. He is also the governor of California now. Arnold fulfilled his dream with a determination and sheer hard-work. He started his life as an ice-cream seller then he became Mr. Universe 7 times and also became superstar of Hollywood. Persons like him are true heroes of real life. Who came from no where but still got greatest success. Still he is considered the true legend in body building. I salute him.