Chemistry is really very helpful to us as its applications are used worldwide for several purposes. We cannot really imagine a world without chemistry and its applications such as medicines. However, we should now concentrate on  green   chemistry , or sustainable chemistry, which refers to reducing or stopping the damage done to the environment around us. Hence,  green   chemistry  could include anything from reducing waste to even disposing of waste in the correct manner. This field of chemistry for sustainability also stresses on using safe chemicals in its applications and designs of safer products. People should also lay importance on designing less hazardous chemical syntheses.

Another way to save the environment through sustainable chemistry is to make use of renewable food stocks. Yet another good move is to make use of catalysts in experiments rather than using stoichiometric reagents. Chemical derivatives must be avoided as far as possible in any type of application as they often prove to be harmful. All chemical wastes should be disposed off in the best possible manner without causing any damage to the environment and living beings.

In fact, there are many business organizations in the world that are giving due importance to sustainable chemistry to save any further damage to the environment. Many big and small companies have demonstrated how this approach is viable for developing products that have enhanced the quality of human life without endangering the environment. Sustainable chemistry totally focuses on recycling, reduction and elimination of the use of toxins and hazardous chemicals. This chemical philosophy, today, has become the most eco-friendly alternative to conventional chemical practices.