Are you aware that the world’s resources are fast getting scarcer by the minute? Hectares of forest land are being cleared for urban living. Rivers are getting dirtied by human waste. And the very air that we breathe are getting more polluted. It is about time that we start to do our share for the environment. This article gives a few green living tips to make us a more responsible inhabitants of this planet and help prevent it from deteriorating quickly.

Get your car to run as smooth as possible. This is especially important with cars that are more than a decade old. Because if your vehicle is not properly and regularly maintained, then chances are its gas emissions are not as clean as possible. Make sure your car is tuned up on schedule. And also, if you can walk to your destination, just walk instead of using your car. You get an exercise while at the same time you get to save on gas.

Buy and eat organic food. This is probably one of the best green living ideas proliferating today. Why is it good for the environment? Because with organic food, the farmer did not use any or very few pesticides and other chemicals to grow them. You will be sure that the food you provide to your family is completely healthy and unadulterated.

Learn the habit of recycling. No list of green living tips will be complete without this one. You can start with just about anything that is plastic in your home. The most popular items for recycling are plastic bottles, especially the water bottle ones. There are so many ways that you can recycle a water bottle. You refill it with some liquid items like laundry detergent or dishwasher soap or you can use it as makeshift coin bank. Just use your imagination and you will surely come up with a lot of useful ways for these items.

Open your windows and let the fresh breeze cool your room. Do not rely heavily on your home air conditioning unit or even on your electric fan. Both of these use electricity and you know that electricity comes from gas and fossil fuel. Especially if it is a nice and clear day, it would be better to just open your windows and let the air and sunlight improve the ambiance of your room.

By any chance, are you still using incandescent light bulbs? If yes then you should start converting your light bulbs into compact fluorescent lights or CFLs. These are more efficient and will last longer. But if you can, go with LED lights instead. These are safer because they do not contain any mercury as well as lasting a lot longer than the others. The only drawback to using CFLs is that they contain mercury which is a harmful substance especially for very young children.

These are a few of the green living tips that you can give a try today. Just do at least two of the tips presented here and you will be on a great start to doing your share in saving the environment.