High school fundraisers involve a lot of planning, recruiting, organizing and allocating various tasks to the high school students. There are many products and events that can be used to raise funds from the family and friends circle and also the local residents and corporations. Some products are very helpful in generating huge profits while others provide lesser margin for their products.

Events and carnivals organized can help raise funds. Interesting events will attract more crowds and get better donations. Some of the activities included in the events are baked sales, band music, raffles, hand-made cards and gifts, Recipes, school concert, fast foods, games and ice cream.

Family and friends can contribute to garage sale or yard sales. Family restaurants can be a fun event for the family. Book a restaurant for a day and let one family run it, instead of the usual staff. A part of the day’s earnings can be given to the family which can go as the proceeds. Public events like walk-a-thon, cook-a-thon, knit-a-thon, etc are attractive to the people who will participate enthusiastically and contribute towards the funds.

Calendars and event planners or schedules are a great idea. Creating and selling them can help the public get information and material, those that they will be buying from elsewhere anyway. Instead, if they are getting a custom-made one at a cheaper rate, they would be willing to buy from the fundraisers.

Scratch cards are a popular way of fundraising and can be done as a part of an event, carnival or just outside a retail stores or supermarket. There are a variety of fundraising cards that include sport cards, golf cards, band cards, sorority cards, patriotic cards, music cards and many more. The sponsors get to scratch cards and donate the amount revealed. Some coupons from national merchants can be given to the donors as thank you gifts.

The fundraising products or events must be selected according to the requirement and relevance to the organization and the donor group. This will not only make the donors understand the cause, but also keep them interested in the task.