History essays are more than narrative accounts of the past better regarded as projecting discipline of history in a light manner based on interpretation, debate, analysis and synthesis of historical events. History essay takes into account the knowledge of the writer acquired from research, lectures, and reading on research materials. To create this type of essay would mean more time sitting in the computer writing and rewriting and doing comprehensive research on the internet. What lies beneath the write up is the ability of the writer to sustain the enthusiasm of the readers to an extended period of time. For like history, it could be a great bore if the themes and issues addressed in the essay are not relevant to the present settings of the society. We choose history essay because in one way or the other it implies contrast and comparison to the present situation we are currently addressing. The readers will be more interested in the kind of investigation and methodology being applied other than the conclusion.

It certainly depicts action supported by strong moral and ethical opinion reflected in the formulation of research questions. History essays are written for an audience that requires direct and persuasive active voice. It must be consistent and logical in its arrangement somehow moving in a bold and assertive tone. One must read the questions carefully and arrange the discussion either in a chronological, categorical or stages of development manner of writing. Direct quotations from primary and secondary sources are a requirement to support thesis statement to avoid possible misinterpretation when paraphrasing. History essay is a well constructed and clearly expressed argument based on evidence that is properly cited and listed in the bibliography. This aims to work on a logical progression of the argument. Generally footnotes are needed to serve the purpose of making cross references and making incidental comments to amplify a point. Do not offer to make any interpretations that will practically deviate from the main flow of discussion. It shall be made with reference to scholarly opinions supported with relevant in-text citations. History essay is seen to be a reflection of man’s nature and a product of his sociological interaction with other human beings and of his environment. It is a kind of a flashback of past events and an analytical projection of future events that is predictable to occur. History is written in our evolution of life and the talent of remembering history is plain narrative recitation on our recorded experiences.

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