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When the paragraph isn’t well written, they will discover that they are often confused about whether or not all the pieces are there. Or, they will argue with their classmates about which sentence really is the POINT, when the point isn’t clear. The last step in the process is for students to take a good hard look at their own work and the work of their peers. Often after we write an essay or a paragraph, I will ask students to work in pairs, high-lighter in hand. I will ask them to read their own work and their classmate’s work, underline the sentence that they believe is the point, high-light the examples, and circle words and phrases that show evidence of explanation. This is a good reflective exercise for students to evaluate on their own if they are writing well-developed paragraphs. If your students are struggling with writing well-developed paragraphs, or essays, that show evidence of their critical thinking, then this might be a technique that gives them success. I have taught it in my classroom for years. After switching from teaching ninth grade to eleventh grade, I discovered that the students in my classroom for a second time remember the technique from when I had them as ninth graders. They won’t easily forget this technique and it might help them become stronger critical thinkers and writers. Written by Donna Hilbrandt. Writing Clarity Specific and Diverse Adjectives; ‘No!

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