Balancing school and work begins with what you want to accomplish. When you start setting goals, drawing out, webbing out all you main goals and how you will get there, then it becomes clear. Sometimes we miss the most important opportunities in life because of our dismal school coursework. One sure way to complete college in two hours is to do homework and focus hard on the coursework instead of skipping classes, not doing homework, and not going to school. Firstly remember that school is only temporary, it is not permanent. Although it seems like forever when your attending classes but it will go away in 2, or 4 years time.

Remember we can only go forward and cannot change the past. We are essentially stuck in what scientists call linear time, it is that time goes forward no matter what you do. You can’t go back! Going forward is all we have and the choices we make render future results. What I did when I went to college was manage full time school and part time work. I worked about 15 hours a week and to me the income was not enough. So After my associates I chose night school and am now in my third year with the program. Also, currently working part time up to 25 hours a week in a food store allows way more flexibility. Balancing school and work is a tough battle and before you get into any kind of school or job ask yourself how you can maintain all of it. Before everything make sure your expenses rare met and you have enough money to continually go to school and work part time.