How to create Link buttons on the Android app

For this assignment, complete the following steps:

  1. Link the buttons that you created in Unit 2 to the corresponding recipe category in a local database.
  2. When the button is activated, the recipes should appear on a new page, one record at a time.
  3. Add Next and Previous buttons on that page to allow the user to navigate through the recipes in the current category.
  4. The database queries should use AsyncTask to perform the queries in a background thread like the code completed in the Unit 4 assignment.
  5. Test the application in the Android Phone Emulator.
  6. Create screenshots of all of the relevant screens of your running application and save them in a Word document named “yourname_ITSD427_IP5.docx.” You should also use this document to describe the work you performed for this assignment, with specific details regarding the locations and changes of the code that you created and modified.
  7. Save and close the project.
  8. Create a distribution package for your application.
  9. Zip the entire project, including your screenshots and work description, the project files, and your deployment package to a file named “,”