There are many times that you would like to advertise locally, whether it is a website you are promoting, or an offline business. The following tips on ways to get free and cheap traffic can work for both of these. These all have the possibilities of reaching a lot of people, yet don’t cost much (and some are even free), and most don’t take much time, so they are worth trying.

One easy way to get people to find out about your business is to create flyers. It just costs a few cents to print out a flyer on your printer, or to photocopy a bunch of flyers. You can leave them many different places such as bulletin boards at supermarkets, Laundromats and other similar locations. If people are interested when they see your flyer, they will go to your website or call the number on the flyer.

Something similar you can do is create business cards, and give them out to everyone. You never know when someone will see your card and become very interested in what you have to say. You can give them out to friends and family and ask them to pass it along. You can also leave the cards other places so that strangers may find them and go to your site as well.

If you put your website, phone number, or address on a t-shirt, you could end up getting a lot of people to look at it. You can create the shirt yourself, or get it professionally done for just a few dollars. The great thing is depending on where you go, for just the price of the shirt you can get a lot of people to look at it. Think about it, if you were walking around a crowded mall, a lot of people might get a look at your shirt. If it said something striking or interesting, they might be convinced to go to your website, or call your number to order your service.

Another cheap way to get traffic to your website or business is to put an ad in the local paper. It usually doesn’t cost too much to put an ad locally, and you will usually still have a good amount of people who will see the ad. This can be a great way to get people to see your website or find out about your business.

If your town has a welcoming committee, you might want to find out more about it. Some towns give away a basket filled with goodies such as samples, coupons, and other information about services in the town. This can be a great way to get the information out about your business.

If you drive a lot, you might consider having a sign made for your car. This way anytime you drive around, different people will get a chance to see what your website is about, and you could get new people to visit it. This works especially well for those who are driving many times during the week, since there is a better chance more people will see the ad.

If you get a small “freebie” that you can give away with your business on it, such as a pen or magnet, that is another way to get a lot of people to know about your website and business. There are many people who love getting free things, and if they see your pen or magnet or bottle opener with your website on it, they might be interested enough to visit it.

There are many ways that are cheap or even free that you can get traffic to your website or business. You just need to think of what you notice while you are out and about, and see what other people would notice as well.