Pom poms and paper lanterns have seen a huge resurgence in popularity recently, particularly for weddings, kids’ birthday parties and hens’ nights.

This is great news for any bride or party host on a budget – these decorations are not only affordable in bulk, but also easy to create on your own given a little time, creativity and willingness to learn.

The following guide will get you quickly and easily started on the DIY path.

What You’ll Need

  • Four to eight large sheets of tissue paper (approximately 50 by 75 centimetres, or 20 by 30 inches).
    It’s generally best to keep all sheets the same (or very similar) colours. Generally, we find multiple single-coloured pom poms more varied and interesting than multiple colours on the one pom pom. That said, if you’re feeling brave, you’re always welcome to experiment with different combinations. Too much variety here can look crass or messy, but you just might break conventions and create something unique. That’s the beauty of DIY!
  • Floral Wire
    This wire should remain largely hidden, but you may catch glimpses of it. As such, if you can’t find white (the ideal all-purpose choice), try to find something similarly neutral or close to your paper colour.
  • Monofilament Fishing Line
    You’ll need this for the all-important hanging. Again, white is ideal. Failing that, simply be mindful that it matches the pom poms and the general atmosphere of the event/space you’re decorating.
  • Scissors

How to Create Your Hanging Tissue Paper Pom Pom

  1. Stack your sheets of tissue paper. (Four sheets will work well, but you can use up to eight if you’re looking for something particularly thick and puffy.)
  2. Fold your stack of sheets into “accordion” style folds, about 3-4 centimetres apart. You’ll end up with a long, thick, folded stack.
  3. Cut decorative patterns into either end of the stack. (It’s hard to go wrong with round “floral” shapes, but there’s always room for creativity!)
  4. Cut off roughly 45 centimetres (1.5 feet) of floral wire. Wrap it around the middle of your folded tissue paper stack. Twist the ends together it to secure it in place.
  5. Pull apart your stack, layer by layer, end by end, until every sheet of paper is positioned to your satisfaction.
  6. Tie microfilament (of the desired hanging distance) to the wire, hand it up and survey your handwork!

Now it’s time to start all over again! Pom poms only get more appealing in greater numbers, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to improve your technique, develop a unique style and impress your guests. Good luck, and have fun!