In order to pass an exam successfully and without stress it is necessary to make some preparation. This process is no less important and requires your maximum attention and concentration. So, it is high time to think about some useful steps in order to prepare for successful exams passing. • Define when to study. In order to decide when to learn, it is advisable for you to discover what kind of memory you use, long-term or short-term memory. Learning by means of long-term memory presupposes studying the fulfilled volume of material every week. This type of memory is very useful, as by the beginning of exams you will only have to revise some material and save time. In case of using the short-term memory, you have to study the material right before the exam. It is very effective from the point of view of time safety, as you do not need to spend much time for studying during the semester period. The main disadvantage of this kind of memory is that you can forget material very fast. That is why short-term memory is not the way out for successful passing of the exam as, so try to learn everything beforehand. • Define the type of questions. While sitting t the exam with the paper in front, some students are at a loss what question to start with. As you know there are three types of questions: 1) Questions where you know the question itself and can give good and complete answers. Such questions should be answered first. 2) Questions where you know the question itself, but it is rather difficult to find the answer. Try to leave such questions a bit and turn to them later. 3) The last type of questions is when you have no idea of both question and answer. In this case you have to hope for a miracle and try to answer two previous questions in the best possible way.