I wanted to go a bit deeper into the fundamentals of using the 15 Minute Workout System. I mentioned before that I use it to reduce my fat level after a bulking phase. This system can also be used for bulking up as well. 

You can take the routine and create mass by altering the tempo and the weights you use. You get big by doing three essential things; you challenge your muscles with enough stress to cause them to break down, rest and recuperate, adapt to the existing load and grow to meet the new threshold of stress.

Supersets challenge your muscles with non-stop punishment. If you give your muscles the proper stress then feed it and allow you body to give it the growth hormones it needs, you will grow bigger. Once you repeat the cycle over and over consistently you will see progressive growth in strength and size. The problem is that you cannot keep that up forever.

That’s why breaking up your routine into phases is important. You need to bulk up or strengthen your muscles and switch to fat burning to remove the extra fat created when feeding your muscles during the bulking up phase.

Here is the basic routine:

1. Squats

2. Lunges

3. Bent over rows

4. One leg calf lifts

5. Push ups

6. Crunches

7. Arm and leg lifts

8. Chest press

9. Bicep curls

10. Standing side lift

11. Rotator cuff rotation

12. Overhead shoulder press

13. Lateral raise

14. Triceps extensions or dips

15. Shrugs

To use the 15 Minute Workout to build muscle fast, you’ll be doing a single set of each exercise for one minute. You won’t need to count reps, just pick a weight or use a tempo in your body weight sets that takes you to failure or gets you to cry like a little school girl in the last 10 seconds before the timer goes off. You’ll be able to control the level of weights, the tempo and position of your body during each exercise. You’ll know that you are challenging yourself when you can’t wait for the end of the 15 minutes.

You are moving from exercise to exercise so quickly that your muscles find it hard to keep up. Just when your body thinks that it has the rhythm down, switch the order of the exercises to

1.  Chest press

2.  Bicep curls

3.  Standing side lift

4.  Rotator cuff rotation

5.  Overhead shoulder press

6.  Lateral raise

7.  Triceps extensions or dips

8. Shrugs

9. Squats

10. Lunges

11. Bent over rows

12. One leg calf lifts

13. Push ups

14. Crunches

15. Arm and leg lifts

You can make this your first round of supersets and once you’re done, repeat the workout for another 15 minutes to increase the load on your muscles. For the serious gym rat, you can add a third superset to make the program a full 45 minute workout. If that doesn’t get you, it’s time to sign up for a position in the Justice League or the Avengers as a superhero.