Accounting is the process of delivering financial information of business unit made for individuals such as shareholders, investors and managers. No matter what subject you decide to write about, research papers are almost the same. It takes time, knowledge and proper guidance to write effectively.

Thesis writing is of three types:

  • Analytic
  • Explanatory
  • Argumentative

Therefore, before writing it is necessary for a student to have clear knowledge about all the three types to make a decision on which type he can write efficiently.

Here are some instructions on how to write a good accounting thesis:

  • Choose the topic: Topic must be precise and relevant to your subject
  • Research properly
  • Make a thesis statement and outline: Once you have gathered all the material, the next part is to construct a thesis statement and outline. A thesis statement is a single sentence that defines the objective or problem of the study. This statement is at the end of introductory paragraph
  • Introduction: After choosing the topic and making the thesis statement and outline, the next section is introduction. It contains the significance of the study. Be sure to write the thesis statement at the end of introduction
  • Literature review: It contains supporting details of other authors’ works on the same topic area
  • Methodology: It is the systemic study of methods. It contains procedure of data collection
  • Data analysis: It contains results in statistical computations and numerical figures
  • Conclusion: After data analysis, we conclude our work with the findings of the thesis. It is simply the outcome of our whole process
  • Edit and proofread: Re-read the final paper by putting all the sections together, make necessary changes where required

For successful thesis writing, you have to follow these guidelines. If you follow these instructions, the chances of mistakes are less.