Affiliate marketers, welcome – I’m about to give you 3 simple strategies that helped bolster my landing page conversion rate. In my first few months I wasted time sending bucket loads of traffic to a review page that simply didn’t convert – don’t make the same mistake I did, follow these guidelines and you’ll cash in.

Step 1 – Excessive Pitching Is OUT!

I know it’s hard to resist the temptation to pitch to your visitors – it seems natural. But this is the quickest way to kill you conversion rate..

Why? Your visitors just won’t trust you – they’ll see straight through you.

And let’s not forget – the vendor is responsible for selling the product. It is not your job to sell, but to presell!

Which brings me nicely onto….

Step 2 – Presell Your Visitors!

This is hugely powerful if you do it correctly – but loads of people don’t do it correctly!

What are they doing wrong? They don’t connect with the visitor! Building trust and establishing a relationship with the reader is your number one priority and massively powerful if you can do it. Here’s how:

i) Make it a personal affair by putting your name and a picture of yourself on the page. Why? People build relationships with people – not faceless, monotonous sites…

ii) Write an in informal way so you’re easy to understand – long complex words and sentence structures are conversion killers! It needs to be an easy read – no need for Shakespeare here!

iii) Refer to the reader personally by using words like “you”.

iv) Empathise with your reader. Review the products in a way that addresses the concerns your target market has. Something like this is great if your target market are “newbies”: “I was looking for a product that wasn’t too hard to follow because I’m relatively new when it comes to computers – and there’s nothing worse than buying a product that you can’t understand! That’s why I was impressed with…..”. You see what I mean? Relate to your target market..

Step 3 – Impartiality

Of course, you know and I know that you’ve got one goal in mind with your review page – to get the reader to click through to the sales page.

But they don’t need to know that! And they’ll figure it out if you’re too positive with your review and not tactful with your copy writing.

Want to know a great credibility adding tactic? Throw in a negative about the product. But make sure the negative is an easy to solve negative that is unlikely to put too many people off buying the product!

And, here’s a tip that a lot of super high converting affiliate use: If you throw in a negative, offer your reader a bonus product that helps them overcome it, but only if they buy through your link!