Writing your own wedding vows is a very thoughtful and romantic thing to do. It can be overwhelming thinking of spilling your heart out in front of so many people, but your wedding is a time for others to witness your love and celebrate with you.

Here are a few tips for writing your own vows:

Plan Ahead: Whether you are the procrastinating type or not, leaving your wedding vows until the last minute is a bad option. You should plan ahead and really thinking about you want to say. When you speak those vows out-loud, many people will be listening, but more importantly your spouse-to-be will be taking in everything you say-as a seal of your commitment. Start writing out your thoughts and ideas of what you want to say early, that way when the big day draws near, you will be more than ready.

Research: Take your own personal inventory of the things that you love about your spouse-to-be, and write a list out. Then spend some time reading love poems and quotes to help you draw inspiration. Writing your own vows can be challenging, but there is no right or wrong way to do it if you are speaking from your heart.

Practice: Even the most confident speaker should practice their speech before delivering it. You may be feeling totally ready, but try out the vows on some of your most trusted friends. Allow them to give you some honest, but heartfelt feedback. This will help you prepare for the real thing on your wedding day.

Nerves: If you are feeling extra nervous about reciting your vows, talk with your spouse-to-be about it openly. Sometimes having things built up inside causes even more unnecessary stress. If you tear up during the vows or stumble over your words a little, no one will care. Just look into the eyes of your loved one and speak straight from your heart.