As the name suggests, Urban studies is a name of diversified collection of subjects and approaches that primarily focuses on cities, their bounds and areas that can be called as Urban.

Mainly Urban studies include:

  • Urban Economics
  • Urban Politics
  • Urban planning
  • Urban ecology
  • Urban Transportation systems
  • Urban Social Relations
  • Urban Architecture

Apart from these disciplines, one can include contrast, or comparison studies among urban and rural areas and there life styles.

Dissertation writing on urban studies is not an easy job. Because, of the diversity and wide range, students have a wide choice of topics on which enriched content can be written. So, topic selection could be an interesting task for students. A topic should be any latest news, event, happening, or innovation.

Urban studies are practical based studies, so, students are required to ensure including thorough researched and well analysed data in their dissertations. Preferably an Urban Studies dissertation material can be found in recently published journals, good quality scholarly articles, or social magazines.

A collection of good topics are enlisted below, which can surely be a great selection for your dissertation.


  • Mass media and its Social aspects
  • Social classes and Social conditions
  • Regional planning
  • Civic Improvement
  • Gentrification
  • Urban Land Use
  • Transportation engineering
  • Ecological landscape and its designs
  • Urbanization
  • Suburbs
  • Development of Neo-tradition

A dissertation must be redrafted in order to omit errors from the final paper. Use simple language and clear those terms, which you think might confuse your reader. Include relevant data and information which should be supported by evidences and proofs. It is suggested to make an outline and work accordingly. In the end, proofread your dissertation and give references to the sources being used.