Since English is the language spoken in the majority of countries in the world and is the language of business in the Western world, it is important for anyone wanting to do business or immigrate to English speaking countries to learn to speak and write the language. According to statistics, almost 100,000 non-English speaking people travel to the schools and universities of the US alone each year to take English courses. With the advanced technology of the Internet, it is now possible to stay at home and take English courses online.

Online English courses provide the same benefits as live instruction in classes and can be used to supplement the instruction in the way of providing extra practice. However, when you take a course online, you have reduced costs because you can stay in your own country and take the English lessons you need. There are many online courses that are free and which you can take on your own time. This means you can continue to work at your regular job and not have to prepare for any loss of income.

With the online courses in English there is always a dictionary on the site that can translate the English into your own language if you don’t under stand any of the instruction. The speaking passages and the grammar instruction start off with the simplest English, such as learning how to introduce yourself and others. This is a feature of English that you will really need if you wish to communicate in the business world or if you want to travel to an English speaking country for pleasure. You will also learn how to ask for directions.

Native English speakers read all the passages so that you hear the proper pronunciation of the words and phrases. The best way to use these passages is to listen to each one several times. Then listen to the passage and read along with it. Finally read the passage on your own, recording yourself as you do so. Then play back the recording and compare it to the passage in the course to determine how well you did and if there are nay areas in which you need to improve.

The best way to take an online course at home is to set a schedule for yourself when you will do your coursework and your practice. Most people like to do a variety of exercises in one sitting, such as practicing speech, comprehension and grammar. Don’t forget the games on the site because you can learn a lot of English vocabulary from playing games, such as Memory and Hangman. In Memory you have to match the English word with a picture and in hangman you have to form English words.

In addition to the online course, there are other things you can do to help you with learning English. These include reading children’s books for beginning readers and watching children’s programs on television. These are the same tools English children use when learning to read and write and since you are new to the language, you have to start at the beginning.