Technology essay writing can encompass any topic related to technology. Your essay could be a simple description of any technology or it can be argumentative or even a critique of any technological aspect. This depends on the assignment rules you are asked to follow or the flexibility you are allowed for your essay. Generally speaking, a Technology essay is a formal essay and it discusses facts. However, you may also have room to be creative in this form of writing. Technology essay writing is no different to many other essays when it comes to the general rules that you need to follow. You will have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. You will use each part in your Technology essay according to the type of content you want to produce. Before you start writing, you will need to be sure of the approach you will use. In your approach to writing your Technology essay, your title is of great importance. It will have to generally encompass all that you wish to express. However, this is not entirely necessary.

For a formal Technology essay, you will need to develop a strong introduction. You can start of with a few sentences that explain the importance of technology or technological development in our lives. You can then go on to narrow your introduction down to your main topic and arguments. You will need to create a thesis statement towards the end of your introduction. This should be a tentative one, as you might need to modify it after you are done with writing your main body. Next, you start with writing the main body of your Technology essay. For this step, you need to have all your necessary information collected. In each paragraph, you will present your issue to be discussed first. If you have claims or arguments, you will need to place them first in each paragraph, and follow them by the relevant information you have collected for your Technology essay. After stating your arguments in your Technology essay with supporting facts, you can conduct an analysis.

In this part of the essay, you will question your own arguments and statements against the supporting facts. This is done in an effort to test how your claims stand. In Technology essay writing, some writers choose to do this following every claim. After analyzing your claims against the facts in your Technology essay body, you can proceed to your conclusion. By this point in your essay, you will know whether your arguments survive. At this stage in your Technology essay you will also need to think about your thesis statement. Perhaps you will want to modify it according to what you have analyzed. In a Technology essay conclusion, you will restate your thesis. However, before you do this, you will need to sum up your main arguments. Finally, you should go over your Technology essay introduction once more and also read through your conclusion. This will help you to modify sentences that need to be stated in better words.

Why are students addicted to social networks? After satisfying physiological needs for safety and social needs, people have needs for recognition. They are also called prestigious and include self-esteem, respect, and recognition by others, achievement of success and appreciation, career growth. With the advent of social networks, these needs have become easier to meet. We lay out beautiful photos or write posts, get comments and likes – approval of other people. Get approval in social networks is easier than to perform complex and lengthy tasks. And the body likes everything simple, fast and pleasant – it evolved into the process. This is how the limbic system works in our brains. Social networks distract people from doing the other activities. Sometimes it’s hard to just release the smartphone from your hands or stop scrolling the photos in the Instagram. When I do my assignments, it eats a lot of my time, so I need to find someone help. If I need to write my dissertation for me, I will search for a reputable writing service. Social networks are distracting with such force that researchers have already begun to call this phenomenon an addiction.

This dependence explained by just the need for recognition. The basis of dependence is the desire to feel belonging to the community and express oneself. How to the distraction of the social networks works? Researchers at the University in Binghamton interviewed 275 students who on average used social networks for at least 9 years and spent on them for one and a half hours a day or more. The students were evaluated according to the psychological model of the “big five”, which takes into account the development of the five basic qualities: benevolence, consciousness, neuroticism, extraversion and openness to experience. The results showed several regularities. First, neuroticism exacerbates the risk of dependence, as people use social networks to relieve stress and rest. And consciousness reduces this risk. At the same time, if you have neuroticism and consciousness, neuroticism will win and will increase the risk of dependence. Secondly, the risk of dependence increases, if the person is developed neither benevolence nor consciousness.