Please answer the following questions based on the youtube video recommended for this week:


How can you determine if there is significant difference between groups?


What can you see in the mean plot?


What is the effect size?


Provide two findings included in the APA result report

Ying Ling




Please remember that that Dependent Variable(s) should be continuous numerical variable. NO categorical or nominal variable can be DV.  The Independent Variables are NOT continuous variables.


DQ3 is meant to help you find the things you should report on. Please complete it by Sunday.



This week we are going to study MANOVA.  This is a great video for you to begin


Identifying Multivariate Outliers with Mahalanobis Distance in SPSS



understanding what a MANOVA is:



Here is a youtube video on how to use SPSS to run MANOVA. Please watch it before answering DQ3 for this week.





Then how to interpret the output:


MANOVA – Making Sense of the SPSS Readout


How to report your findings:





When you write the report for your overall findings, you should use the following sequences:


  1. checkdescriptives output


  1. talk about skewness and Kurtosis when discussing normality of the DVs


  1. Levene’s test results, Box’s test results


  1. correlations among the DVs


  1. MANOVA test table and findings there


  1. post hoc tukey test, talk about the Wilk’s Lambda


  1. Effect size


Keep up the good work in the second half of the class!