In my personal opinion, I sincerely believe one of the best ways to meet single women is by using one of the many large internet dating services. I won’t mention their names, but go to Yahoo or Google search engines and type in the search words, (internet dating services). You’ll find the big ones with large databases of single women.

It’s an easy way to meet lovely single women in your area or from afar. Plus, it’s convenient. All you do is sign up and post your photo and profile or browse the photos and profiles of women that you are attracted to. Then simply contact her and exchange emails and take it from there.

The purpose of this article is to make you aware that there are some dishonest beautiful women out there using these internet dating services for personal or monetary gain. They have no interest in meeting you and they may even be married.

Is this a widespread problem? No, it’s not and there are only a few of these phony women lurking on the dating sites to take advantage of unsuspecting men.

Let me explain how this scam works on the internet dating services. Ok, You’re real excited about browsing the photos of single women. You browse through their database and you mostly see average-looking women. But, occasionally you see beautiful women who look like they just jumped out of the pages of Playboy. And their photos look like they were professionally taken and they may be wearing sexy-looking clothes and posing in a sexy manner.

You may wonder why in the world would a beautiful woman like this be advertising for romance on an internet dating site? She should have no trouble whatsoever attracting men on her own. She doesn’t need to run ads to attract men.

You think this gorgeous and sexy-looking woman is just too good to be true. You know the old saying, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Let me explain why:

So you and many other guys say to themselves, “I’ve just got to meet this babe!” So you contact her and anxiously await her reply.

Bingo! She replies back and you can hardly wait to read her email. To your disappointment, all she does is direct you to a website where you can view more photos of her. So, you go to the website and it’s a pay website to see more photos of her naked or having sex. Or the website may contain photos of her along with links to sign up for cybersex, which she makes money off of.

My friend, you have been taken for a ride. She had no intention whatsoever to want to get to know you or meet you. She just wanted to use you for personal or monetary gain.

If you are a victim of this scam be sure and report it to the internet dating site. This is fraudulent advertising on her part and unfair to men by getting their hopes up in thinking that they may be able to score with a Playmate type of woman.

In closing, most of the beautiful-looking single women on the internet dating sites are honest. I just wanted to warn you about a few bad apples out there.