I can see how someone would think that.  There have been many times over recent years that even I thought so.  I think there are several factors that cause us to start believing that Internet income is a myth story. I know that it truly is not a myth story, but I will share with you some of the factors that help make it seem as though it is.

First, I will start with a little bit of realism about just how difficult it is to make a decent income online. While you can obtain an earning level that can support you, it is very difficult. I have seen several different statistics regarding this. I seen one that says 97% of all who attempt to make money on line end up failing and spending more in pursuit of online income than they actually make. I saw one recently that stated that 95% of all Internet Marketers make less than $10.00 a week.  While both of these are frightening statistics, I know of no way to quantify either one of them. I guess one or both might be true, but then neither may be. But either way I think it does point out just how difficult it may be to make a decent living in the Internet.

The next factor that helps to develop the idea that Internet income is a myth story is the overwhelming number of people claiming to be making enormous wealth online doing next to nothing. Each day I receive no less than ten emails, often more than 20, claiming to have made fortunes overnight on the Internet. I am sure you have seen some too. There is the 19-year-old high school dropout who made $70,000 in his first 30 days marketing online, and now he will share his secret with you, for a small fee, of course. Then there is the stay-at-home mom who makes $46,000 a month just giving away free eBooks.  Of course I can not leave out the guy who was dead broke and homeless, living in his 15 year old car just three months ago, and now he owns three homes around the world and 10 new cars.  Of course all of the homes and cars are paid for.  And he did it all in just 90 days of working on the Internet. These stories and this type of marketing are the bane of the Internet Marketing industry. Most of the promoters are simply lying, and it gives all online marketing a bad name.

Another factor is the wide use of email spamming. Frankly, the public has just about had enough of it.  I think we will see some changes in how email is permitted to be used for marketing in the very near future.

To get to the bottom of all of this I will say that Internet income is not a myth story, but it is elusive. You can earn money online, but like any business you need to have a plan and do some homework first. If an online income program seems too good to be true, it probably is not true. You should be careful not to be fooled by false claims of potential income and other misleading statements.  If you will follow good business sense and not the hyperbole, you can find a valid Internet Income Program.