Keep a log of criminal cases and/or civil cases on a daily basis from the first week of the term until the end of class. Read newspapers, watch the news on TV or surf the internet to find news stories about legal matters. The cases may be local, national or international. If you choose a particularly “big case” then you may follow it throughout the class.

How much details about the legal matter count when it comes to your grade.

Set-up columns with headings as set forth below:

DATE: When did the event happen or the lawsuit filed? LOCATION: What venue did this matter happen in or being tried in? FACTS: Include what type of case it is – Criminal or Civil. CONCLUSION: How did the case end if known or is it on going?

Example case:

October 5th Salem, Oregon At mid-night a murder occurred in the State Capital building. Suspect is still at large with no leads; police are asking public’s help.

October 6th Washington DC On political party sues the other Pending a hearing by the Supreme Court

October 7th Seattle, Washington High rise on waterfront burns to the ground, suspect arrested for arson Pending first court appearance

October 8th Dallas, Texas Drug company sues competitor for patent infringement Case set for trial in December