If you currently have an ebook on the internet that you want to sell, you should know that it isn’t necessarily hard. Marketing your ebook is a very easy thing to do, and one of the things that you can get started with doing to promote your ebook is using something called “pay per click advertising” (PPC).

There are 2 major PPC companies on the internet today. There’s Google AdWords, and then there’s Bing Ads (Bing and Yahoo combined). Even though Bing Ads is combined, Google AdWords is still the largest out of the 3, and they are the largest by a big factor. But nevertheless, you still have success with both companies.

Marketing your ebook on PPC is very easy. All you do is sign up for these services, create an ad, add keywords that are related to your product, set up a price to bid on for each keyword (ex: 10 cents), and then let the campaign run itself. You will want to analyze your results and if you feel that you need to increase or decrease your bid price, then do so.

For every time someone clicks on your ad, you will be charged a fee. The amount of that fee all depends on the maximum amount of cents or dollars that you are willing to invest in. So for example, if the maximum price on Bing Ads that you choose is 60 cents… you will still get clicks that are around 20 cents, 5 cents, 40 cents, and etc. But it will never go past 60 cents – since you specified this as being your maximum.

Aside from using pay per click to promote your ebook, you will want to do some free marketing also. There are a lot of free marketing techniques that I like to use in my online business, and they get me a lot leads and customers for the products that I sell. Free marketing is pretty much basic.

You get to earn 100% profit on each sale. If priced high enough, your product can cover the monthly fee of running every month (which should be around $30). And it lowers your average cost of acquiring a customer – if you’re also going to do paid advertising also. So it’s something that you will want to consider.

Marketing your ebook isn’t a hard thing to do. Sometimes you will get tempted to change your price over and over again because sales are slow, but I think you should maintain 1 steady price throughout the lifetime of your product, and your business. Don’t fluctuate the price of your ebook because it isn’t selling the way you want it to.

If you price your ebook at $7, it will take you 15 sales just to make $100. If you price your product at $25, it will take you only 4 sales to make $100. Which one sounds easier to you? And guess what… the people who do buy your $7 ebook, they would have STILL gladly paid $25 for it also! So don’t raise and decrease your price over and over again.

Take these ebook marketing tips and put them into use in your online business today. It’s something that is very important, and if you learn more about ebook marketing, you will soon see your dream of having a successful online business come into fruition.

Good luck with marketing your ebooks online today.