Migrating to USA through tourist visa or working visa and obtaining your green card entails several processes procedures. Apart from that, learning about their culture plays a vital role and talking about culture also means talking about food. So just before your mouth starts to water and crave for these foods lets start getting to know more about them.

1. Pulled Pork Sandwich – nothing is more mouth watering than looking at a burger bun filled with tender and slow-cooked pork. Most of the time, Americans would love to use the shoulder cut also known as the Boston Butt to make the stuff. Among the various things to consider about this food is the fact that its presentation and preparation differs as you reside or become a permanent citizen or one state or another. Tennessee for example makes use of blade shoulder and arm shoulder for the meat stuffing while North Carolina may or may never have any particular part for the meat stuffing.

2. Mac and Cheese – Also known as Macaroni and cheese is a magic word for all American Cheese Lovers out there. This food is simply prepared by mixing white sauce and cheese in a cooked elbow macaroni pasta before baking. This easy to prepare dish however has a very interesting story to tell as we go back to the time of Thomas Jefferson who brought macaroni and parmesan cheese in US and then serve macaroni pie at a state dinner.

3. Lobster Club sandwich – Several American residents and green card holders would surely agree if I say that Club sandwiches have always been a quintessential food for Americans. In most American restaurants you would sure see multi- decked sandwiches stuffed with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and of course lobster. This sandwich is usually served in cocktails as it goes along well with martini, gin or vodka.

4. Steak – If you happen to have the luck of being having your permanent residency or green card application be approved and have your celebration in a famous American restaurant, having a slice of American steak would be a very good choice and I am pretty sure that you will surely love its taste. Keep in mind that cooking American steak come in various ways and sometimes the waiter will ask you whether you want it rare, medium rare or well done. Steaks also come in various forms such as pork, beef or fish. This is simply prepared by grilling and adding steak sauce and spices.

5. Apple Pie – Is known as the American Pie is undoubtedly a common food for US residents as Apples are easy to find in US. Such food is perfect for snack and of course special events. This food is generally has a crust filled with apples and sometimes have ice cream or whip cream as toppings. It is also cauterized by its double crusting with woven strips on top.

6. Pancakes – Since most US inhabitants are busy buddies, this easy to prepare thin, flat round pastry made from batter and cooked in frying pan or griddle has been a very common breakfast for them. Both kids and adults surely love this food especially when served with various toppings such as syrup, butter, jam, or chocolates.