Learning English for Free Can Help You Become Fluent


It won cost you a penny to take an online English course and will provide you with many benefits. You can stay at home while you learn and you won have to give up your job to attend classes or have to rearrange your work schedule. Best of all you won have to leave your family behind when you move to an English-speaking country to study. However, there is still a commitment involved. The fact that you can do the studying at any time of the day or night as long as you have a computer and Internet connection means you have to set your own schedule. If you are really serious about learning English for free, you will have to make a commitment of time and set aside a block of time in which you devote yourself to taking the online lessons.

You won even have to buy any textbooks to take such a course. If you wish you can have a notebook by the computer so that you can take notes of important terms or vocabulary you really want to remember. Although you don have to, when you listen to the recorded passages being read by native English speakers, you can have a tape recorder or other recording device on which you record yourself reading the passages. Then you can replay the recording to see how well your pronunciation measures up against the speaker in the recording.

There are many online sites you can use to take these online courses. However there are some things you should look for in this site to make sure it offers everything you need to become fluent in English. Some of these things are:

* A free audio course

* Comprehension questions on the passages to ensure you understand the meaning

* Comprehensive lessons on the structures of English grammar

* Listening exercises using the structures

* Practice exercises so that you can demonstrate that you understand the material presented in the lessons

* Free dictionary in which you can get help in translating English words into your native tongue

* Games that will help increase your vocabulary

* Access to English literature through which you can read stories and essays

* Access to a chat line through which you can communicate with instructors and other students.

The four main components that every course in learning English needs to have are listening, speaking, reading and writing. These are part of all English courses for school children in English speaking countries. They learn the pronunciation by listening to others and through speaking with them. In school they read various types of passages, books and information and they complete practice exercises on these and on the instruction they receive in grammar. So you see an online course offers you everything you would receive in an actual class.

Learning English should be something you want to do, but it should also be enjoyable. When you find a topic frustrating, leave it for a while and so something else, such as playing a word search game or read a news item. Then come back to the harder topic later. You don always have to stick to something for a long period of time because if you do it will become boring.