If we look at the current scenario of education, one thing is clear that the developed countries are having a gross shortage of well qualified and experienced teachers, especially in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry or we can conclude as sciences in general, including Computer Science. If you compare this with the developing countries, especially India, there are thousands and thousands of highly qualified and experienced teachers who can live up to the needs of these students.

The new concept of online tutoring has truly reduced the whole Globe into one class room, where a student from any geographical location can get connected to a tutor sitting seven seas apart and learn in the secure environment of his room. On one hand, this concept reduces the time and money burden on parents that they do not have to take their children from one place to another to get them tutored by the competent teachers, secondly it opens a global arena of education where you are not restricted to learn with the teachers of your locality, you can be sitting in California and learn from a tutor based at Delhi, India.

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