How to find a logo design service at the most affordable costs but with great quality and high professional standards? Many small businesses come across this question when they decide to polish their brand image and hire a logo service provider to create them a shiny design.

It becomes particularly painful considering the fact that there are literally thousands of companies out there providing their services at affordable costs. Which one of them is right and which one of them is the best combination of quality and affordability.

As a small business owner looking for a custom logo design service there are a certain things that you should keep in mind. Following these simple guidelines you can protect yourself a little bit from the damage that a bad design may cost to your brand identity.

Understand the difference between the cheap and affordable. There might be many companies out there promising you the best design under 20 dollars. But seriously can you imagine someone doing a creative unique design and selling it for such lower amount? The quality of such logo services is very low and they are often copying and some time even duplicating other designs. Be aware that such a design could even get you into legal troubles as well.

Instead of a cheap logo service you should look for an affordable logo service. This could be a little more expansive than the cheap one but it would guarantee you that you will get 100% unique logo design.

Apart from price, do not forget to check out the portfolio of the so called custom logo design company’s website. Sometimes these portfolios are just filled with dummy clients and you can easily find that out by running queries on Google.

Testimonials are also a good way to find out how good a custom logo design service is. While browsing the testimonials, instead of just reading and believing everything that is written there, it would much wiser if you dig a little deeper and call that business and ask them how was their experience working with this logo service provider.