Firefighter is one of the most honored and in the same time dangerous profession. If you are ready to deal with fire and stressful situations every day and want to be able to help hundreds or maybe even thousands of people and save their lives, this career is for you. You must be very self- confident and ready to deal with disasters and even death. Be ready that this profession can be harmful for your health and before making this important step, make sure you know all important advantages and disadvantages of this profession. Here they are:

Advantages of being a firefighter

  1. It is a respected profession which is honored in all counties around the world.

  2. Sense of pride and fulfillment is guaranteed. It is great to know that you have saved or made somebody’s life better.

  3. Good job security and benefits. As firefighters retire early, they get good pensions and benefits.

  4. There is always workload for firefighters exist. Unfortunately, fires happen often because of different reasons.

  5. You are never going to be bored. This job requires constant communication with people.

  6. There is a brotherhood among colleagues exist.

  7. Good opportunities for career growth.

Disadvantages of being a firefighter

  1. This profession is very risky and dangerous. Firefighters often give their lives while saving other people. Be ready for stresses.

  2. Low pay rate. In comparison with other professions, firefighters earn not a lot. That is mostly because this work is manual, not mental.

  3. High responsibility. Every firefighter has a chance to save somebody’s life. Be ready to do your best, because you will definitely feel responsible for other people’s lives.

  4. Early retirement. Firefighters retire earlier than people in other professions do.

  5. Irregular working hours. Firefighters are sometimes away from their families 24 hours a day. Be ready not to sleep at night. There might be night shifts.

  6. This profession is mostly for men.