If you want to be a professional writer, and get paid well for writing, then freelance Copywriting is probably the easiest form of writing to break into.

It is also the most lucrative. Working from home in hours to suit, a fairly average Copywriter can earn over £200 per day.

You don’t have to be a creative genius to write copy that sells.

The basics of copywriting are outlined below. With a little practice you could be on your way to a lucrative full or part-time income.


What are the benefits of the product you’re writing about? Is it faster, cheaper, softer, stronger? Will it make you more attractive to the opposite sex?

Write down as many things as you can think of, no matter how silly it may sound.


A strong headline is the key to every ad. It should also be a major feature of your copy, taking up to one third of the ad space.

Choose the most important benefit of your product for customers.

The best headlines are often simple but poignant facts. They can even be dull – as long as they linger in the memory.

Net Yourself a Free Solo Phone

Includes 100 minutes to any network for only £15 a month


Write just one or two sentences on each additional benefit and set each after a bullet point.

Don’t try to say everything you want to say in your body copy. It’s usually impossible. And don’t worry that you haven’t answered every question that the reader may have – this will positively encourage them to enquire further about your product.


A tag line is a parting thought to the reader, something short, sharp and catchy to make them take action. For example:

Hurry! Last Few Days

A newspaper advertisement may be different from a press release, which may be different form a radio ad, but they are all out to do the same thing: sell. And they are all written to sell to the same people. Every type of copy you could ever need to write follows the same formula!


Getting copywriting work is as simple as calling a few businesses, plus some marketing or advertising agencies in your local area. Many writers are hesitant to do this, but I promise you that if you will spend a couple of hours calling businesses in your home town, you’ll have enough writing job opportunities to keep you busy for months.

You can charge anything from £20 to £100 an hour or more as you develop experience and the confidence that goes with it.

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