Make the Mirror Proud of You In 15 Minutes!


Sometimes we wonder how these film-stars/actresses have such flawless skin and we look at the mirror, saying silently “I wish…”  Well  that’s not so difficult…If we really want to look picture perfect without the heavy mask (read make ups/concealer) and ready to devote only  15  minutes per day; it is possible!

To start off, we need to identify the skin type and go for the particular problems associated with the skin. And not to mention our skin-care regime changes according to the skin-types. But some common regime can be followed for a beautiful & clear skin.

For a  good  and overall well being it is good to start the day with a glass of luke warm water and Indian Gooseberry powder (Amla). Frankly speaking it tastes not so great, so punch it with a little bit of fresh lemon juice and honey…and drink it along with two almonds. It is a good source of vitamin E, C and Amla -powder helps to increase metabolic rate as well. It should not take more than 5 minutes to consume so many vitamins – the ultimate necessity for your skin.

Being a working and married woman, I can make out the hassles of earning money while managing a husband and home:) Really I can!! So while preparing breakfast we can save some time my putting the following mask just for 5-10 minutes.

Take a bowl and mix the following:

  • Prepare a dust of Lentil (Masoor Dal) and keep it in air-tight box. Make sure the granules are not very big so that it can hurt your skin. We can use around 100-150 grams of lentil for 3-4 months – Take half spoonful of this powder.
  • So, what are you having for today’s breakfast? Cornflakes/Oats with some fruits say apple/banana/grapes/papaya/cucumber? Take a just one/two piece of it and squeeze it by hand/mixer-grinder. (If you are too busy for the rest of the week prepare this pulp for 3-4 days and keep it in fridge). No fruits are available for today’s breakfast, don’t worry, we have the whole kitchen waiting for us.
  • Mix one tea-spoonful milk/curd and little honey and a pinch of turmeric powder (used for cooking).You can skip the honey if you have a very oily skin.
  • Additionally we can mix sandalwood powder (Really a miracle as an anti-aging product), gram-flour (instead of lentil-dust), dried orange peel dust, neem-leaves dust with this mix. Occasionally a little oats/sugar can be mixed with the paste when you feel your skin needs a little scrubbing.
  • Mix it to a smooth paste and apply it all over your face and neck and continue with the breakfast preparation.

Just leave it for 10 minutes and wash off. You (and ALL) can feel the difference within 7 days! Planning to cut short office today or have some parties to attend?? To get a glowing skins apply the same paste (without turmeric this time) and preferably with banana pulp, honey and milk as ingredients and spend some 10 minutes and you are ready to rock the party…!

Following a daily regime along with some habits such as drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day, introducing more fruits and vegetables in regular diet rather than French fries and junks, brisk walking for 20 minutes per day, less (preferably NO) smoking and drinking, applying moisturizer (based on your skin type) before bed/applying sunscreen while going out etc – can keep you smiling for years without wrinkles and make the mirror proud of you.