One of the hardest things about online dating is writing your personal profile. It’s your only chance to show the real you so you need to get it right. First impressions count online as much as they do offline. A great profile will get you more, high quality responses so stop wasting your marketing budget and get the most out of your profile.

We’ve outlined some tips that will help you write a better profile and start attracting the right sort of attention.

* Always start with pen and paper and take some time out to write your profile
* Write a good headline that stands out and really says something about you
* Use a username that reflects you. Try and be original and get some of your personality in your screen name
* Don’t use personal adjectives. Rather than say you have a sense of humour – you need to prove it. Write in a humorous style or say something witty near the start of the profile to set the tone
* Find someone elses profile that you think stands out and really works. Don’t copy it but try and see how you could change your profile to match the one you like
* Don’t talk about going on walks or socialising, reading books. Everyone does that. Try and stand out a bit more.
* Quirky things can make you stand out and generate some interest
* You are the product, think about your unique selling points
* Say exactly what you’re looking for so you attract the right sort of interest
* Think about who your ideal partner is and then step into their shoes. What will they be looking for in a profile?
* Try creating different profiles and concentrate on the ones that get the best results
* Use well structured sentences and double check your spelling and grammar
* Always tell the truth, there’s no point lying about your age or if you’re married
* Don’t talk about your physical appearance. Talk about who you really are and what you’re like
* Avoid mentioning anything negative. You are marketing yourself remember
* Always use a photo. You’ll generate lots more interest
* For security, never include your last name, address or phone number
* Don’t be shy in your profile; appear confident and positive
* Always get someone you trust to check your profile before you start using it

A well written profile can help you market yourself and make you stand out from the crowd. The number of people joining online dating websites is increasing rapidly so you need to put in the extra effort to make sure people read your profile and discover the real you.