Writing a dissertation does not follow the same route as in routine essay writing. Thinking and planning takes up most of the time even before the writing starts. Being a long process, various fields require to be explored within a definite time frame to achieve a fruitful research objective.

As one proceeds towards the completion of the degree course, the pattern of study within definite dimensions and framework changes, and the time comes to the writing of dissertation required to complete the degree course. Lots of doubts, unsolved queries and problems surface out in the ongoing process. Before doing it on the paper, one needs to think about the subject, to what extent one is familiar with and then start building ideas. Noting down the ideas and scanning them several times allows one to go deeper into the subject. Collecting field notes, data and compiling them properly hastens the process. It is wise to be creative in own ideas and not to get influenced by others. Advisors or guide´s help must be given due importance.

Thinking and planning must be carried out maintaining a time frame, so that writing doesn´t get stretched beyond the desired time limit. Better to set a realistic time limit and work keeping a tab on it.

A dissertation must start with a good proposal designed with well knit words having a good heading. A detailed literary review regarding the research work, the steps to be followed along with a definite methodology and finally the motivation of the fellow to go for the research must be clearly reflected in the proposal. A good and supportive advisory committee is a must to provide support as and when required.

Following the initial steps writing the dissertation becomes enjoyable rather than a nightmare. Not necessarily one need to start writing from chapter one to the last chapter. Better to write off the easiest chapters first and then tread through the lesser known areas.

After finishing, the chapters can be sequenced in best possible order and the missing links can be added wherever required. Dissertation must be written in clear language without any grammatical mistakes with frequent use of keywords related to the research. The graphs, charts and tables must be drawn neatly and labeled properly, better to draw in hand than in word processor. Going through two or three previously written dissertation gives more clear ideas in developing the writing content.

The Table of Contents is undoubtedly of great help to the reader but invaluable to the writer. But this table helps to find out the mistakes and missing things in the manuscript, and with the word processor at hand, one can copy paste the section headings into the table of content.

Due attention must be given to the conclusion or implication part. As this represent the total research work, so the conclusions must be supported well from the findings of the research and analysis.

The last chapter of the dissertation must be written in accordance to the first chapter. Revisiting the first chapter is wise to ascertain that the perspective of the research is maintained till the last chapter is over.

If maintaining these guidelines accurately in near to impossible, professional writers´ help can be sought. It is desirable that the writing draws the attention of many while facing the dissertation defense.