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If the emotion you are conveying is too painful or intense, cup your readers in mostly safe words and carry them along until they hit that “ah hah!” moment on their own. Just keep looking at the subjects from different angles and keep experimenting. You’re not even paying for paper and ink in the modern day. That word processing program of yours is like an endless virgin white sheet of paper in a typewriter whose ribbon will never run out of ink. You won’t ever run out of space. Write and write and write some more and then go back and chop out all the deadwood words that lie limp upon the page. You won’t even need whiteout. Please share what has worked for you or even things that made you love viral content you’ve seen and shared in the comment section below. The Internet can never get enough amazing content so we can all benefit from what you share.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Just came back and read this hub again – I am trying to develop my writing skills, and these tips are what I need to work on. Terrific advice for us writers struggling to get more readers! These are excellent tips for content writers. Because everyone writes here with a desire,— because they want people to read and appreciate your work. After 2 years of online writing, I am still learning each day. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. Voted up and pinned! Great hub Kylyssa, and full of good tips. My writing is mainly about causes I care about or just experimenting with different forms of writing and trying to improve my writing skill and knowledge. Thanks for the tips, Kylyssa, I’ve copied this out.

I keep finding more and more stuff that excites me in one of my niches, but I’m actually writing in the other niche. Early on I read that you have to reach 100 hubs before Google really starts paying attention. It may not be true, but I got fixed on it. Maybe I should just switch over. Very useful. Thanks for sharing this content! Thankyou for sharing your tips, Kylissa – very helpful information. I am new to writing online and i thought this hub was really morivational and had some great advice. Thank you for sharing. Nice to see you here on HP and what’s nicer is your talent and sharing. Many great tips to be absorbed. Voted up, useful, and interesting. Very informative. Excellent advice from Yoda. Excellent tips Kylyssa well written and most helpful..will tweet this one.. Very good tips for social media! Voted up and sharing! Yoda does offer some good advice too! Thanks for this I found it helpful. I look forward to reading more. Hi Kylyssa – great pointers.

I really felt what you were saying about connecting with others. I found where I can improve as well. I connect as much as I can here on HP but not on social media sites. I am taking your advice and definitely sharing this with others. I just want to write, too. I use social media as a learning tool rather than as a promotional tool. I go through the process I detailed above perhaps once a year when I feel like my writing is coming out stale or if my work is not getting shared organically. It reminds me of how that indefinable “something” readers love feels and it helps me approach topics from different angles. I have to save this and reread it every week so I don’t get off track. I have so many ideas of things to write, but you idea of a very tight focus is one I shall have to follow (eventually).