Media and low self-esteem.

People all over the world use the media every day. whether it’s using a phone or watching T.V, media is a way to communicate. However, media also plays a big role on body image and how women perceive themselves. Many ladies worry about how they look, ‘Am I too fat? Too skinny? Am I ugly or pretty? So, low self-esteem being as a result of negative body image. Unfortunately, this problem has been grown these days. However, there’s now an effective solution which encourages the companies and advertisers to send healthy media messages regarding body size and shape.

Most women want to have bodies shaped in a similar manner as models on the magazines’ covers or Instagram and want to do whatever it takes to get there. It appears clearly that women who have low self-esteem concerning what they see on the media. Like the models on covers of magazines always have tendency of comparing themselves ith the models based on the information the women have on themselves. To illustrate, they often feel separated and distant from their bodies as it belongs to someone else. Also, they don’t see anything positive or even natural about their bodies’ shapes and sizes. The media always gives an impression to the audience that the individual pictures posted on the media are the ideal features of the women and therefore should be emulated by other women.

To solve this problem, we have to encourage companies and advertisers to send healthy media messages regarding body’s size and shape. The goal of these messages is to promote healthy stress management, increasing self-esteem and confidence in expressing one’s needs, reducing perfectionism and connecting self-esteem to factors other than weight and appearance. The companies must create programs to improve media’s message about size ,weight and beauty. Furthermore, they need to support their messages by bringing students, educators, health professionals, eating disorders suffers and consumer together to send the messages. They need to take time to express concerns about advertisement that send negative body images.

In short, media needs to regulate the perspective it has concerning the self-esteem and the fashion trends. This media influence on the lives of women should be controlled since the impact are effect a lot of women. There should be education on media information and would like to imitate the traits of the personalities on the media.