Nursing is one of the most in demand jobs across the world and in nations like the USA there is an ever growing demand for nurses. Nursing is regarded as a lucrative and regarding profession and this is the reason why many students opt for it. In the past the nursing profession was meant for women exclusively and females dominated the scene. With the passage of time men too joined the nursing profession and today there are a large number of male nurses working in the healthcare sector. As mentioned above the nursing profession is a very lucrative one because it is stable and promising. There is ample opportunity for growth and both men and women are earning comfortably as nurses in the above medical profession.

As mentioned above, the nursing profession was in the past dominated by women and men never ventured into the arena. With the advent of men in the profession there has been a host of benefits and advantages and this has led to more and more men opting for the nursing profession. Nursing course are there to teach them the basics of the trade and with the training that is imparted to them is not different from the training that is imparted to women. Both men and women nurses have become indispensable to the medical and the healthcare profession and this is why clinics and hospitals are recruiting both genders on a regular scale.

In accordance to a recent survey that was conducted by the National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses there are about 5.4% of registered nurses in the US that are men. The numbers of men that are in the nursing schools are also increasing day by day. This is indeed encouraging news for the medical and the healthcare industry that is currently facing an acute shortage of nurses.

When it comes to studying for becoming a nurse the entire affair can be a costly proposition for students that are not financially secure. There are nursing scholarships that are available for both men and women. When it comes to the number of nursing scholarships for men there are many to opt for. One of the options that are available to men who are interested in taking up the pre Registered Nurses Program they can opt for the AAMN or the American Assembly for Men in Nursing Scholarship. The applicants that qualify for the above must have a GPA grade of at least 2.75. They can also get the benefits of the additional funds that are made available by Johnson & Johnson, a major medical and healthcare company. Under this scholarship there are at least 20 scholars that will be granted $ 1000 and they are also entitled to the other membership benefits that are given to them by the AAMN. The AAMN also has a professional website that allows male scholars to discuss about issues that they may face with the scholarship or the nursing school programs under which they are enrolled in.

There are also nursing scholarships that are offered to men by the Health Resources and Services Administration by the US Government. The nursing scholars under this program are entitled to a number of benefits that include financial aid of $1000 along with a secured job with a medical center in the nation. The nursing scholars that are under this program should be a full-time student with an excellent academic record and attendance in studies. The scholarship is likely to be cancelled if the student fails to meet the above mentioned criteria. The submission of the documents for the above scholarship generally begins from the months of March to May. The selected scholars will not be announced not later than the month of July in that year.

There is also another nursing scholarship for men if they are working on a particular field of specialization and have the aims to enroll for a two years degree in nursing. This associate nursing program is one that gives the student direct hands on training with accredited hospitals that are located in the country. The accelerated bachelor’s program is also available and this program is compared to the nursing degree of 4 years. Another organization that provides you with male nursing scholarships is the National Student Nurses’ Association General and Specialty scholarship programs. This organization helps you with financial aid and it grants you with $1000- $5000 as help to a minimum of 46 scholars annually. The junior and the senior nursing students that continue with their studies also have the eligibility to apply for financial aid at the Lydia’s Professional Uniforms/AACN Excellence in Academic Nursing Scholarships. The applicants that are applying for the above must have a GPA score of 3.5 and the two scholars that are selected will receive an award of $ 2500 each year.

The above nursing scholarships that are offered to men ensure that the costs of studying for the course are covered. There are also many health care groups that are awarding scholarships to men nursing students too. This step has helped the nation to deal with coping with the shortage of nurses in the healthcare sector. Both men and women are required for this sector and this is the reason male nursing scholarships are helping the nation curb the deficiency in a very big manner. There are a number of scholarships that are targeted at male nurses alone and they are quite popular in the country today. There are many males that aspire to be nurses and the main hurdle in their path is the lack of money. With the number of nursing scholarships for men increasing this concern is just a woe of the past. Men have the option to apply for a large number of scholarships that are available to them and with the aid of them they have the option of fulfilling their ambition of becoming a nurse in the health care profession.