Many scholarships are easier to apply for than students assume. A perfect example is the Mesothelioma Memorial Scholarship offered twice a year. In the time it takes to complete an essay and submit it on the Internet, you might earn yourself $500 to be applied to your college expenses: your tution, books or other materials you might need for your classes.

The Mesothelioma Scholarship has a couple of advantages of a lot of the programs you’ll come across. First, there’s no geographical restriction; it’s accessible to students outside of the country. There’s also no upper age restriction; it’s available to current high school students as well as returning students. The only time-bound requirement is that you have to either be enrolled in a college course, or plan to enroll for classes in the next year. There’s also no upper word length to the essays, though the winning essays of previous years seem to be around 2000 words, which is recommended for most scholarship essays.

The Mesothelioma Memorial Scholarship is awarded four times per year, with submission deadlines in the middle of February, May, August and November (the exact dates may vary). The winners are decided on the basis of aspiration and need, so remember that you not only need to write a decent essay, but one that stands out from other students’ submissions. Get an early start and put some real time and effort into it. The reality with most scholarships is that most students either don’t apply for them at all, or do so half-heartedly. Motivate yourself to out-write the competition.