You should prepare a six-slide presentation and a 5-minute verbal summary (elevator pitch) that you will deliver in your group during tomorrow’s session. Your presentation will last five minutes to be followed by five minutes of questions from your group.

The purpose of this presentation is to ask for support of your plan through funding, sponsorship, participation, co-creation, and/or whatever ways you propose. In addition, each member of the group will have an allotment of “investment tokens” which they will assign to you and other members based on the persuasiveness of each person’s pitch.

You can consider this assignment as another check-in for the Your Plan assignment. Detailed instructions for your slides are included below.

Detailed Instructions

  1. Create a six slide presentation and brief verbal summary (elevator pitch) of the Your Project assignment, thus far. You should consider the classmates in your group to be the executive committee of your organization who will decide whether to invest in your analytics initiative and they each will have tokens to indicate which they think are the best investments. Think about not only what would overcome resistance to change, but inspire people to participate in the change. In part, the feedback from this exercise (in real life) would help you determine where to start doing work.
  2. Be sure to include an explanation in the notes section of each slide that explains what your reasoning is for saying what’s in the body of the slide. You do not need to make your notes visible during the pitch, but you may want to reference them during questions. When grading this portion of your assignment, I will be looking to these notes to assess your understanding of the complex combination of rational business calculations and other less rational factors which will make for the most persuasive case.
  3. Practice your pitch tonight — you will be cut-off after 5 minutes (in order to get to everyone)