Never before has there been more choices in custom countertops as there is now. Also, as more choices in types ands styles have come available, so too has the overall prices come down as well. This means that more and more home owners are looking to upgrade their homes with new affordable custom countertops.

Amazingly Real Looking

Cultured or “man made” custom countertops are all the rage now. While many people in the past tended to shy away from these types of products in favor of natural stone, its the new “realism” that is drawing them back for a second look.

Made From Real Stone

The truth, is that today’s cultured stone materials are in fact, made from real stone and that accounts for their amazing realism and durability. They are made by mixing crushed stone such as quarts or marble with a high tech polymer and then milling the finished product after it has set and cured.

Mottled Textures and Glass like Polished Surfaces

These new cultured stone custom countertops contain all of the same features that you would find in a natural stone product including glistening mottled “textures” and glass like polished surfaces. In fact many of them are almost virtually indistinguishable form the genuine article.

A Tougher and More Durable Product

What they don’t have though is vulnerability to chips and stains that so many natural stone custom counter tops have. Also, the joinery where two pieces are connected is completely invisible, lending the effect of one solid piece. Of course these new types of cultured stone custom countertops are far more affordable as well.

Match Your Custom Countertop to Your Home

However; for those who choose to go with natural stone custom counter tops, there are more choices than ever before. This means that far more choices in all types of exotic marbles can new be easily found. Either way, no matter what type of custom countertop you choose for your home, make sure to choose one that matches the overall value of your home.