For those who know me and the Cosmic Code jurisdictions, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, none will ever suffice…

Dr. Turi



A few days ago when I wrote  “dr. turi The Truth Behind Christmas Spirit” I exposed the Church Inc. two thousand years deceptive masquerade I also made my point and explained exactly what took place today in Bethlehem, Basilica when a bunch of priests and monks battled each others. Do not be fooled readers, in no way peace, love and respect will ever bless this world as long as religions rule the depleted mind of human. While, in this case, the fact is plain to see, religions are all about money, power, supremacy and extermination of the opposition. This will not stop just yet with billions of people’ hijacked spirits and I wonder when the world will finally see “the light” and use critical thinking.

Last night I watched the program  “Decoded” where some investigators took  the Vatican heads on asking questions about the premature death of Pope John Paul I and indeed, following the investigation, all of them, including millions of smart viewers were left dumbfounded and will never see the “Vatican” .i.e. The Church Inc. the same way they did before the show. Yes reader my prediction of the ending of the Age of Pisces (deception/illusion) and the Church downfall is slowing taken shape. As you know more newcomers willing to deal with the undiluted truth are joining the Cosmic Code and many of them do not know about my first ever prediction  directly related to religious war.

But as you know “there are NO accidents” readers, if you have a copy of my book 2011 Moon Power you should know that currently the Moon (emotions) is in the sign of Pisces (religions) and you wonder why a bunch of unconscious Neptunian priests fought each others and why “Decoded” spoke of the Vatican on the air?  Please read and judge the real power of wisdom which they will never find in their dogmatic archaic man made religious books…

TUE, WED.,  THU., FRI., SAT. — DECEMBER 27, 28, 29, 30 31:

 RULERS — Neptune (Religion), Mars (War) and Venus (Love).

 Work, Career and Business: This trio will make life quite interesting for the last few days of 2011.  Neptune’s blurring nature may affect your judgment.  Be practical in all of your expectations.  If a business is not doing well, you might be going the wrong way.  Use all those above-mentioned planets to look for the right one for help.  With the good Moon around, the opportunity might be in your local newspaper; take the time to cruise through it.  Communicate your desires to whoever can help.

 Partnerships: As always with Neptune, come clear with what you mean. Some people could be deceiving; ask pertinent questions and watch their reactions.  Be ready to support depressed partners, but don’t let their problems affect your judgment and feelings.  A trip to Hawaii or an exotic place is in store for the lucky souls, watch your possessions.   A contract may be offered; sign it before the Full Moon.

 Family and Friends: Expect tons of action around, and with Mars cruising above, use patience and diplomacy with others. Venus will bring an element of love and joy for Xmas. Much of your time will be spent preparing for the future and the New Year.  This trend will be an interesting one where friends and family members will try to get in touch with you all at the same time.  This trio may drive you crazy with many projects.

 Love Affairs: Affairs of the heart will progress these days and the weekend could prove to be very interesting. Some might be caught in a love affair from their past and may be deceiving themselves.  Neptune will make you low in mental or physical energy.   If you are a water sign you are lucky with love for a while.

 Travel and Communication: The strength of Mars combined with the blurring vision of Neptune may bring trouble.   Be cautious and take your time if you have to travel, don’t let Neptune or Mars stop you. 

 Environment: Mars may decide to throw an earthquake (memo 6.6 in Russia?) or produce disturbing weather. Be patient with everyone.

 Famous Personalities: This timing is ideal for meditation and renewing your faith in the universe.  Try your best to participate and provide for those in need.

 Events: The government needs to make lots of decisions about a disturbed area of the world.  Let’s hope for mankind’s desire for peace in the Middle East.

Iran warns it could block the Strait of Hormuz if economic sanctions are imposed. What does the threat mean? What happens next?

 Shopping: Great deals will be found well after the year-end in the most unexpected places.  Treat yourself to something nice these days too.  Make sure that you plan a leisurely day for yourself to relax your body and spirit.  As the year comes to an end, many of you have realized the value of my work; Starguide is a perfect and valuable present to offer for any occasion: a birthday, a wedding, to a friend or child in trouble, for relocation, a comparison chart, etc.  

 With this in mind don’t you think the world should read my special edition 2012 Moon Power and heed the Cosmic Code instead of falling for archaic junk. Is there any religious books out there used and read by billions of people offering real salvation translating God’s will? NO, none of them has anything good to offer humanity but endless wars and billions to deceptive religious organizations. Imagine what I could do for the world and the children of tomorrow if I had access to a tiny fraction of this supra wasted wealth readers? Yet human do not get my message just yet and your donations keep pouring in the wrong hands for the wrong purposes propagating the evil of ignorance and fears.  

I often wrote souls born in October and January (see my website drturidotcom)  are prime target for religious poisoning thus do you think it is yet an accident for Pope John Paul I to be a LIBRA? All that transpired with his life and fate was fully written in light and I will explain it all next, meantime the fact is; those who supposedly are God or UFO experts  are the least to know about the essence of the soul, the Universal mechanics, extraterrestrials, the Cosmic Code and God himself… 


 1 – Early September 1978: Pope John Paul I asks Cardinal Jean Villot, the Secretary of State for the Vatican, to investigate the Vatican Bank operations. He also is considering the reversal of the Church’s stand on artificial birth control.

 DT rebuttal:  I always teach my students that where ever Scorpio is; drama, death, the police or the mafia will enter your life! Pope John Paul I was born with Mercury (the mind) in Scorpio right in his 3rd house of communication. Pluto rules Scorpio and offers a constant regeneration principle in the affairs ruled by the 2nd house which deals with money ET VOILA! Pope John Paul I was extremely smart and as a Libra (justice) he was ready to do all in his power to clean the house. Scorpio/Pluto rules also supreme power, secret societies .i.e. the Freemasons /Mafia and all those Plutonic souls were not willing to let go of the supreme wealth and the power grid they controlled. Corruption is at the core of Italy knowing they gave the world the Vatican and the Mafia and Pope John Paul I was assassinated in the process. 

Later that month he presents Cardinal Villot with a list of those to be transferred, reassigned or asked to request for resignation. These lists are persons suspected of being Freemasons (that group called P-2). Cardinal Villot happened to be Grand Master, and his name was at the head of the list. This shift of power would have had a major impact on the existing Vatican hierarchy and would also have affected its financial practices.

 DT rebuttal:  Indeed the power angry, greedy billionaire bastards regimenting billions of morons “donations” and their faith had to maintain “secrecy” building the Vatican power structure and devious foreign bank accounts and as an independent entity they made it impossible to perform an autopsy on the dead Pope. Know also that before becoming Pope John Paul I he was working for the Vatican banks and knew exactly what was going on. Sad enough without Cosmic Consciousness, his faith and honorable Libra nature to enforce the laws and justice for all took his life. A man of such high integrity did not “vibrate” like all the crooks around him and he was “disposed.”  

September 29, 1978: John Paul I found dead in his bed. Cardinal Villot issues false statements, removes key evidence from John Paul’s room and orders the body embalmed before an autopsy can be performed. The Pope was in good health, according to his brother Edoardo. He reported that His Holiness was given a clean bill of health after a medical examination three weeks before his death. A report in Time Magazine – October 9, 1978 – relating an opinion that the untimely death of Pope John Paul I stirred deep suspicions of him being poisoned.

 DT rebuttal:  Incidentally the departed Pope’s own brother assured the media of his good health and his suspicions while other “truth seekers” were also killed by the Masonic mafia.  Libra ailments and the Pope’s death comes from the six house located in the sign of Pisces making all Libra seriously prone to suffer “poisoning” with legal or illegal drugs. Note also  Pope John Paul I was born with his natal Dragon’s Tail Libra right on himself and suffered the same fate as King of rock Michael Jackson born with the same UCI – Thus there is absolutely no doubt in my mind he was forcefully poisoned. I can easily remote view the entire scenery left carved in the Supra conscious in time and space readers and what I see is very clear…

The Pope is sleeping peacefully, two high Masonic representatives come in his bedroom one was a doctor who made the deadly cocktail already ingested by the Pope. The second one was a Mafioso paid killer who soon afterwards suffered the same fate he inflicted the Pope and was shot in the left eye. He was supposed to get a very fat paycheck to strangle the Pope in his sleep but after checking on him, the Doctor instructed him to use one of the pillows instead and suffocated the Pontiff. The third one was a high trusted Masonic witnessing the murder and reported the event immediately to appease the rest of the greedy powerful hyenas.  Incidentally even Nostradamus saw the Pope’s assassination… 


Century 3, Quatrain 35:

When the sepulcher of the great Roman is found,

The day after a Pope shall be elected;
The Senate (Conclave) will not approve of him.
His blood is poisoned in the sacred chalice.

Vatican Predictions

Note also John Paul I was born like Dr. Turi with a natal Dragon’s Head in Aries (born a Leader of the Mind) set by God himself to become the voice of truth but sad enough his DRagon’s Tail in Libra was right on himself and neutralized the protection against violent death. Furthermore when the Pope died on September 28th, 1978  the Tail of the Dragon (negative) was in the sign of Pisces (religions)  and the Leo moon (famous death) was in the 12th secretive house of the Universal chart also ruled by Pisces. Indeed the Pope’s secrets enemies became very active that night but I doubt very much the world, the Popes of the past and humanity at large could read “the signs” the way I do and be allowed to perceive the future and the fate of John Paul I.

Well be prepared readers and save this newsletter and my “vision” preciously because the same Pisces Dragon’s Tail will reach the Vatican on November 12, 2015 all the way to  may 10th 2017 and then the world will witness the crumbling of religions and the Vatican. 

What are the chances for me to open a huge book and land exactly on November 12, 2015? My hand was guided by a higher order and served me as a confirmation readers… Pass this prediction on to all the people you know because I am guided by the spirit of a Prophet named Nostradamus…

  The Third Secret of Fatima, which was never made public, revealed, some authorities say, the outlines of the murder of a Pope. The Vatican has thwarted any research and suppressed any investigation into this matter from the very beginning.

DT rebuttal:  And for good reasons because there was more than tree secrets divulged by the Nun… it involves not only the assassination of a Pope but with it the beginning of the end of the Evil Empire and the dissemination of the foundations of Church Inc itself. In no way will the old transferred “Roman Empire” administration let the world know about their impending fate and their abusive regime hijacking billions of spirits into supreme deception.

Indeed the Age of Pisces is on its way out to be replaced by the Age of Aquarius where technology, (television) allowed programs such as “Decoded” to educate the mass on what religions and the Vatican is all about…Quite dirty right from the get go or two thousand years ago when Christianity began to use, manipulate, abuse and drastically change Jesus’ celestial Ministry and use his name to fit early born greedy, controlling, murderers Plutonic souls…Amen!

“When you control the source of information, you end up controlling all lives, thoughts and their resources”

 But life is a constant process of changes where all abusive dirty Empires suffered the same fate, the Vatican is next. Like I saw  many Middle East regime and its general implosion the same karma await anyone abusing anyone or abusing power. I can only hope this “essay” will bring more light to an era where darkness dominated it all…but time have changed and through my work may humanity wake up to reality and the soul of Pope John Paul I blessed with the purity of the white robe he proudly wore for so many years.  May God bless your soul Pope John Paul I for you were the only Pope in the history of Christianity and the Vatican to stand and die for the truth.   

All Truths evolve through 3 Stages of Consciousness…
First, they are Ridiculed,
Next, they are Violently Opposed, and 
Then, they are Accepted as Self-Evident!

Blessings to all

 Dr. Turi