Numis Network is a young company, made by experience, which has a major dream: that of developing into the main retailer of certified silver and gold numismatic coins on all continents. Its creators, partners Ian Cordell, Chris Kent and Jake Kevorkian, have over 20 years of knowledge in the organization of direct sales and network marketing companies. The three business partners also hold International Direct Selling Technology Corporation, leading software and technology supplier in the industry. Still, without the know-how of the important numismatic salesperson Mike Mezack, pioneer in the sale of graded, modern supply silver and gold coins, the expansion of Numis Network would probably not have been achievable.

Numis Network offers the rare chance to generate, gather and protect wealth, by investing in graded silver and gold coins from the planet’s top government mints, as well as to gain residual earnings from people’s fondness of collecting coins. The goods Numis Network presents are not regular ungraded bullion coins, but certified, graded coins, from countries such as the United States, Canada, China, Austria, Australia. Thus, Numis Network does not plan to be a precious metal investment program, but a numismatic business plan dedicated to graded gold and silver coins. The coins are graded and certified by the most dependable coin grading institutions – the ANACS, the NGC, the PCGS.

The worth of the coins takes into account precious metal percentage, as well as rarity, collector need and coin precondition. A coin graded 70 (MS70) is in practically perfect numismatic state. You have the chance to acquire the most popular collectible coin of all, the American Silver Eagle, graded MS70.

With these coins, you can create a collection that does not suffer the loss of price with the passing of generations, a real heritage that can be enjoyed for generations. Also, the moment to get started would be perfect, as you are being proposed a chance to place yourself ahead of the stream: Numis Network is opening up a new market category within the network marketing industry, by conceiving a whole business scheme that puts up for sale numismatic coins through network marketing. By adding ingredients such as: small risk, low initial cost, great profit potential, support structure 100% functional, perfect product, easiness and compliance, as well as a powerful compensation scheme, Numis Network has succeeded in creating a pleasant, dependable system with manifold streams of revenue. A perfect plan.

Nonetheless, a perfect plan would have to contain a perfect MLM marketing strategy, wouldn’t it? Numis Network is laying ahead of you the perfect plan, but it depends on you to do your homework and discover efficient marketing strategies, so as to create the lead flow essential to grow your business into a large company. Do not feel depressed, as Numis Network permits you to produce wealth, with a killer marketing strategy and a mentor that can guide you through the internet world. You can amplify your success rate 10 fold and find out that you can succeed with a mind-set of success. Take action and learn how you can gain from this growing trend of online MLM Marketing strategies.