During earlier times, there were no specific uniforms for nurses to wear. However, during the Crimean war, Florence Nightingale established the importance of nurses wearing nursing uniforms. The first nursing uniforms were designed with dark gray full length dresses, which were covered by a white apron. On later dates there were changes in the standard uniform for nurses. There were times when the standard uniform consisted of white dresses and hose, which were found to be quite difficult to work with. They were later replaced with white tunic and pants.

Nowadays, most nurses and other medical professionals choose to wear scrubs as their uniform while they’re on duty in the hospital. It is more convenient and easy to carry, allowing nurses to easily perform their tasks. Also, since these scrubs come in different colors and designs, it allows nurses to be in fashion while giving out a positive atmosphere.

Here are different ways in which you can choose a stylish scrub to use while going on duty in the hospital:

1. Color and design – although the color white is known to have a peaceful and relaxing effect, it can be easily soiled and can become dull at some point. Because of this, scrubs come in different designs and colors. Being in the hospital can make you feel a negative atmosphere since it is a place for people who are ill and even for those who are dying. Colored scrubs can provide a more positive atmosphere with its vibrant and different colored designs.

Other scrubs even have printed designs on them, like famous cartoon characters and such. These are quite often used by nurses who are assigned in the pediatric unit, where the patients are kids.

2. Functionality – the design and color of nurses’ scrubs is only secondary compared to its functionality. In choosing a scrub, you should not only pick one that has a great appearance, but one that can allow you to perform your job efficiently. It should be something that has the right fitting in order to facilitate your movement, which is very important for nurses who are assigned in areas where the action often happens like the emergency room and the operating room.

3. Comfortability – of course being comfortable in what you’re wearing is also one of the most important things in getting a stylish scrub. Since a nurse’s job is to take of the patient while being on duty, it is important that you should be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Getting a uniform that is made from cotton or a mix of polyester-cotton which can absorb the different odors in the hospital can also be a stylish choice.

It can allow you to move freely and comfortably while you’re going about your rounds, caring for your patients or participating in an emergency procedure.

4. A scrub style that fits you – after considering other factors, you should determine what kind of scrub style will fit you the best. If you want something that looks modest and simple, this is perfect for women. You should to get a mock wrap scrub. However, if you want something that comes with a more comfortable design compared to a round neck scrub, then you might want to go for a V-neck scrub.

Other types of scrubs also have simpler designs and are quite affordable, like traditional scrubs. While scrubs like collection brand scrubs come in different stylish designs, but also come with a high price.