At some point in the life of a med student, he or she has to choose a specialization. This moment is very important, because this will determine the student’s career path in the future. A specialization is a specific field med students have to master. This includes surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, urology, and neurology, to name a few. There are actually a wide array of options for this. Read on and know what are the do’s and dont’s in choosing a medical specialization.

Common mistakes when choosing a medical specialization

One of the common mistakes that people commit in making decisions for their specialization is selecting based on the popularity of the field. Some prefer surgery to be their field of concentration simply because it is popular, especially to people that belong to the higher strata of society. Aside from this, more and more people are getting conscious of how they look that they resort to physical alteration as the easiest and fastest means to attain perfection. This implies that surgeons would be in demand. Choosing a specialization with popularity as a standard is not bad. This can actually ensure bright career opportunities in the future. However, it is not good to choose a specialization based solely on this factor. You have to keep in mind that the road to a medical degree is long and winding. It would not be easy if you don’t have a drive, other than the popularity of the specialization, to make you endure the journey. Selecting a field of specialization because of peer or family pressure is also not good. Although it is helpful to consult a friend or a family, especially if you don’t have a specific career goal in mind yet, make sure that, in the end, the choice still corresponds to your future plans.

What to consider when choosing a medical specialization

In choosing a field of expertise in med school, you should take into consideration your interest. If you have passion in caring for kids, for instance, pediatrics is a great field to pursue. However, if as a med student, you found interest in treating female patients, obstetrics and gynecology are excellent choices. Aside from interest, you have to consider the skills that you possess. Learning the tricks of the trade in medical profession is not so easy. Doing projects, reports, and studying for exams can be very difficult. But if you have the skills necessary to survive in a specific field, it would be easy to handle and balance the academic and personal life while in med school.

It would be best if you can make up your mind on which medical expertise to pursue even before entering med school. You can talk about the preferred specialization when writing your personal statement medical school. Cite reasons for your interest in a certain field or how the specialization can help you better serve the community. By taking time to write your personal statement medical school, you can convince the admissions committee why you deserve to become a doctor.