There is more than one requirement that you have to accomplish if you want to apply for medical school.   And in order to obtain admission to the prestigious school, meeting the requirements is not enough.  More than that, you have to exceed what the admissions officers expectations of you.  Because there are quite a large number of aspiring medical professionals, you have to make sure that you work hard to make your submissions excellent enough to catch the eye of the admissions committee.  Two of the most important requirements you have to prepare are your personal statement for medical school and letters of recommendation.  Some think that these two are easier to accomplish than taking exams and gping to interviews.  Of course, it is not too difficult to write an essay or to make someone write a letter of recommendation for you.  But if you don’t want mediocre essays and recommendation letters, a week of preparation is not enough.  Below are tips on how to avoid cramming on your personal statement for medical school and letters of recommendation.

Start planning as early as you can

To avoid cramming, you have to start planning months or weeks before the deadline of the requirements.  You have to know the last day for the submission of the requirements and make it a goal to get everything ready a week before the deadline.  In this way, you don’t feel pressured when you write your personal statement for medical school.  This would surely be reflected on your essay.

Brainstorm for the topic and think of people who will do the recommendation letters

You have to brainstorm for ideas that you are going to use on your essay.  You should think about topics, experiences, traits, and skills that you have to include in your personal statement for medical school.  You can consult a friend or a family on this, or use samples online as a guide.  For your letters of recommendation, you have to make a list of the people you can ask for these.  You can consider your professors and other professionals who can better your chances for admission. Make sure that these personalities know you well and have a good standing in society.

Write an outline for your essay

After you have chosen a theme, you have to start writing your essay with an outline.  The outline is very important so it would be easy for you to give direction to your essay.  

Contact the chosens references for your letters of recommendation

After you have selected the people whom you want to write your recommendation letters, you have to ensure that these people are available and are willing to write the letters.  It is better to give these persons enough time, since they might be very busy and still have to find free time to accomplish the request.

If you do everything long before the deadline, you will have enough time to think for the topic of your essay.  Aside from this, you will also be given time to edit your work.  The same is true with your recommendation letters.  Enough time will enable you to find the right people whom you can ask for the letters.