Present Education System – A Success or Failure


The School Master is abroad- This traditional English proverb means that education is spreading everywhere.

But presently the authenticity of the same is a Big question for the wittiest personas all over the globe. Mankind is experiencing the most developed era; but parallel to this scientific advancement stands a deteriorating social sense. As a result a majority of us live under perennial stress, and have developed an extremely negative attitude towards life. The youngsters comprise the most affected section of this technically sound society, for they are in a dilemma to pick between the traditional values & the flashy gadgets.

Isn’t EDUCATION meant to clear all these doubts among its aspirants? 

The question stands as tall as the Lofty Himalayas & raises authentic doubts towards the existing system. The youth today is leading a life in a Fast Lane & this is quite evident from the extremely challenging schedule, it needs to follow. The present youth is also experiencing stress, which was an obsolete & isolated term for the past generations. A wild goose chase is what may be the best fitted idiom to describe life today.

If we go by the scientific advancements, the contemporary time is witnessing the most advanced form of Homo Sapien Fraternity. But in terms of peace & bliss, the system seems to be null & void. When a youngster gives up his/her life after spending almost 20 years in education, the entire process becomes futile. When we see the qualified Engineers, Doctors, MBAs etcetera, abusing a fellow being for a petty mistake(which could easily avoided) over the road, the entire education system becomes liable for this Public Presentation of a highly educated person. When we see the increasing number of domestic violence, mostly among the educated & elite section of the society, we find our education policies going astray.

The introduction of stress management in colleges & universities is a testimony to this fact. But unfortunately it is not able to bring about any radical change in the attitude of the young professionals.

The problem lies in the approach of our education system, where the academic institutions are fostering & motivating young brains to earn the highest degrees for a prosperous living. But a majority of these are complete failures to inculcate the very purpose of living; and that is to lead a blissful & peaceful life among adversity.

And this exploration for eternal bliss & happiness strengthens an individual to face the worst with a smile. The very approach develops a positive attitude towards life, which thereafter facilitates other traits, videlicet patience, tolerance, universal brotherhood & most importantly satisfaction.

Remember kites rise not with but against the wind.

Since the guardians, mentors & teachers are all a part of the society, we all are interlinked in the all round development of a child. In the present scenario they all are seen paying a blame game, by running away from their responsibilities. Evidently the whole scenario gets sick due to our individual deficiencies, for water always flow from a higher level to a lower one. The only panacea or remedy for this is the enhancement in our individual sense of responsibilities. We all have to play our roles with utmost sincerity & responsibly, for at the end of the day, what matters is not our materialistic possession wealth but our virtues. For only virtues can motivate & inspire the coming generations for a True Living.