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Each of these tricks is a risk for your future product and business in general. Now you will know how they look like. 1. Certain works are passed to developers with even lower hourly rates. The team you hire certainly knows the market better than you do, so it’s not surprising that they know where to find the cheapest code. Along with an affordable price, you get technicians with a lower level of education and corporate culture. Are you ready to accept this risk? 2. A team of developers consists only of junior specialists. Yes, their hourly rates are lower, and everyone knows about it. But you’ll get the same package as it was in the first point. First of all, the quality of your product might suffer hugely, and don’t forget that such specialists need more time to finish a certain work. 3. The project scope is underestimated on purpose.

We all love positive promises, but it’s a dangerous thing when it comes to the project budget. To compress the price (and time limits), managers can neglect any possible risks, both known and unknown. 4. A client gets tempting discounts right away. It also may be a slippery slope as these discounts are offered to you just to quickly sign the papers. 5. Different members of the team work on several projects at the same time. There are some cases when a specialist actually works well on more than one project. But it often leads to the lack of focus on a certain activity. Dedicated teams are by no means the best option you could have. 6. Developers use ready-made solutions. By this, we mean implementing some simple app builders. Applications are created on its base, so your product will eventually have no individual approach and look exactly the same as many of your competitors.