Nowadays, people care more about the money especially when they spend it trying to reduce their expense. They search for companies that deliver quality without asking for extra money for it and honestly there are better options than years ago as the amount of companies grow constantly. We believe in myth that quality is a synonym to expensive service and some customers end up abandoning their search picking up either expensive company which will ask ridiculous amount of funds or the first cheap company that won’t deliver the quality you came for. Advanced customers know that there are good companies that value their customers providing them with quality service and not asking much for it. However, the competition is very high especially when it has to deal with companies that work on the internet. Paper writing services counts on hundreds if not thousands of companies and this is an excellent example of competition where some companies try hard to attract new customers by improving themselves and delivering the exceptional service while other companies compromise on quality or other things that could appear during the order. There are companies cheat on their customer during the order execution trying to maximize their profit.

Maybe you may want to know what you are entitled to every time you place your order for quality custom essays. First of all, if you place an order for term papers or research papers that are longer than 10 pages, you are entitled to the following: first, the term paper must contain a table of contents. This feature is not part of your word count and it is not supposed to be paid for. If you are ordering your custom essays from a proficient custom essay service, the feature should be provided without your asking. Competent writers understand that term papers or research papers that are longer than 10 pages are supposed to have a table of contents, unless a client requests for its exclusion. Always remember that you are paying not just for pages that your paper counts but mainly for completing the custom essay paper with the specific topic and other additional payments should be announced before the writer will take your order. The explanation of working process and its difficulties which a customer should pay for should be given out by a demand of the customer.

Secondly, clients are entitled to as many revisions as they wish. A client is free to request for revisions if their term papers are not written in a satisfactory manner. If there is a mismatch, or if the instructions were ignored, a client can even ask the support team to reassign the order to another writer. This does not mean that a client is supposed to make additional payments. As a matter of fact, revisions are free. Any credible custom essay writing service must not charge clients additional fees for revisions. When you give your instructions to the writer and he starts to complete your order that means he is now responsible for your order delivery and if the essay paper does not meet your demands and expectations you can easily ask for remaking your paper without paying for it. The company should satisfy the needs of a client and mainly this means following the straight instructions of the customer.

Thirdly, clients are entitled to fully referenced research papers. The sources and citation styles used must be realistic. It is unrealistic, for instance, to use wiki sources for a Master’s thesis. Clients must also bear in mind that their term papers must contain in-texts, appendices, tables and graphs where possible. All these features make research papers or term papers complete. A research paper that lacks some or all these features is incomplete and cannot be termed as high quality. Clients should take it upon themselves to always insist for inclusion of all these features. If you are ordering from paper writing company this means that you are in need of professional help and by taking your order the writer is obligated to deliver the paper which will match all high standards and follow your demands and expectations.

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