There are many benefits for you when you only buy American Made T Shirts. In America you hear often about businesses and corporations outsourcing manufacturing processes to other countries. Why are they doing this? For them it is cheaper to order shirts and clothes that are made in poorer countries with few worker rights. Whether they know or not, many of the people are actually working in sweat shops that would be illegal in the USA.

Younger generations today may not understand what the term “sweatshop” really means. Here is an example of what a sweat shop is, using T Shirts, (though any kind of product has the potential to be created in a sweatshop). In a sweatshop, you work long hours, sometimes 12-14 hours in a day. It’s all about quota there, so if you don’t make your quota for the day, no matter how long it takes, you run the risk of losing your job. No lunch breaks, stepping out for a smoke, and you literally have to beg to use the bathroom. There is no health care, no minimum wages, and of course no age laws. Some of the workers in these ‘factories’ are twelve years old. If someone gets injured, there are no worker’s compensation programs, and the pay is pennies for each piece of clothing.

Fair trade options for clothes include American made T shirts and all other clothing made under US labor laws in America from local companies, with local workers. Some of these companies are even unionized and earn a living wage. They are regulated to make sure all the fair labor laws are strictly enforced, and people are working in a healthy environment. Instead of lining the pockets of sweat shop owners overseas, you are providing your fellow Americans with the money they need to pay their bills and put food on the table for their families.

Keeping your money local has other advantages. Buying American made T shirts and other clothing helps to keep shipping costs down, limits our independence on foreign oil and tells other countries that are still using unethical labor practices that America isn’t going to stand for it. Using local products is good for the environment, because using local organic materials cuts down on harmful pesticides, decreases the amount of pollution from big tankers that transport goods from other countries. It is cheaper in the long run. You can be proud when you buy American made products, because when these factories use union labor, you know that the workers are being treated fairly. It also shows other countries that unions can help their workers as well, raising the bar worldwide.

There are an abundance of reasons why you should buy American made T shirts, and all of your products. Only use fair trade clothing, and make sure that the label on your clothes says Union Made In The USA. If you are not sure about a product, you should research before you buy. With the power of the internet, you can find out many interesting facts about companies that hide abuses, and companies that are transparent about fair labor conditions.